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You dream of having a cosy basement?

enfantsThe experts at Isolation du Nord, who have been providing quality work for nearly 25 years in insulation for home and business, are here to advise you. In order to correct and/or prevent moisture and dampness issues, our specialists will insulate the basement and seal the foundation of your house, providing great value for your money. By controlling moisture properly in your home, you will avoid air quality issues and ensure the optimal efficiency of your heating system.

Our advisers in insulation will guide you in making sure your basement is well protected against the thermal differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures. They only use the very best materials such as spray polyurethane foam and cellulose.

The renovation of a home insulation, including those aimed at improving the energy efficiency of residential buildings, must be performed by a qualified contractor in insulation. (The qualified contractor in insulation must be a person, or a partnership, with an establishment in Quebec and hold the appropriate license at the time the work is being executed, if the execution of said work requires a license issued under the Building Act.

Are you having problems with mould and mildew?

Our insulation advisers can recommend effective and top quality solutions at a great price. Choose the right insulation product and prevent mould and mildew issues.
Did you know?
You can get a tax credit of up to $2,500 for your insulation work

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